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Common Mistakes Making Vision Boards

Vision Boards – Common Mistakes you Definitely Dont Want to Make

Vision boards are powerful Personal Development tools which are based on the Law of Attraction and if used correctly, can transform our lives for ever. The key thing is to be sure that you are not making the same common mistakes when you make your own vision board as everyone else.

Below are the top common mistakes people make with vision boards:

  1. They don’t even look at it!

    As simple as it may sound, you will be surprised how many people will sit down and decide what they want, gather pictures that embody their dreams, apply love and attention in creating their vision board – and then leave it at the back of the cupboard all summer! Vision boards are made to keep you focused and to inspire you in taking action. Keep it in a place where you will see it daily, whether that is your bedroom, office or on the fridge door.

  2. They don’t think about what they really want

    Do you want a models physique or do you want to go down a jean size? There is quite a difference in goals here, so be sure you know which ‘want’ you really want. If you find yourself staring at a picture of size 6 models on your vision board and you’re feeling bad – then it’s a fair guess to say you need to put more time into thinking about what you really want. This is the most critical stage when you make your own vision board.

  3. They choose the wrong pictures

    Don’t just throw together any picture that you can find; get specific. If you want to go on a dream holiday to France, then get down to the travel agency, look through brochures and choose the exact package you will go for – then stick that page of the brochure book on your vision board. It’s important that you choose pictures that embody what you want, while sparking an emotional attachment within you. It’s great fun gathering your pictures this way and really keeps you inspired once your vision board is complete and you are looking at it regularly.

  4. They choose the wrong type of vision board

    If you spend the majority of your time at the office, then don’t make your own vision board that will then be stuck at home; you need to make one for the office. Likewise, if you spend most of your time working in a home office, then don’t choose the smallest board you can find that is dwarfed by the furniture, turn your wall into a giga ntic vision board that inspires you to put in your best effort.

  5. They don’t look at it consistently

    If you are not looking at your vision board consistently on a daily basis, then you are not fully utilising the power available to you. When you generate feelings as though you were living your dreams i.e. driving your sports car, on a consistent basis then these desires will be brought to you quicker.

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