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Memorable Experiences

Posted Dec - 2010

Article by Jon Butcher

The Ultimate Social Experience:

Traveling With Friends

I’m enjoying a tasty Espresso, while watching the morning sun warm the crystal clear waters of the Caldera in Santorini, Greece. The sleepy town of Fira is starting to come to life now; shopkeepers and café owners greet each other, farmers driving horse-drawn carts haul vegetables into town, dogs bark, motorbikes hum in the streets above the village…

I’m looking at the ash-black outline of the active volcano, ominously smoking in the middle of the Caldera. It blew half this island apart 500 years ago and destroyed an entire civilization. Only a few ruins remain, which Missy and I are planning to visit later in the day.

An old man with a wind-burned face greets me casually from the street below. He speaks in Greek, so I can’t understand the words, but I think I know exactly what he’s saying. “It’s a beautiful morning.” I reply by nodding my head and raising my coffee cup. “Yes, it certainly is.”

The air smells different here. The light has a different quality. I have never had a feeling quite like this before, simply because I’ve never been here before.

And I think to myself, this is why I travel: To create moments exactly like this. To remove myself from my everyday life and experience a new way of seeing things. To develop an appreciation for other cultures as well as my own. To learn, grow and educate myself. To challenge myself and stretch my limits. And to create a lifetime of memories with the people I love.

Travel is not just about the pleasure, the umbrella drinks, the unspoiled beaches and the relaxing (all wonderful things, by the way!)

Travel is about stimulating your mind in ways that enhance all 12 categories of your life. It doesn’t matter where you go or what you do – it’s the physical act of traveling and the “newness” you experience that generates new thoughts and new perspectives.

Sharing these experiences, thoughts and perspectives with people you care about in REAL TIME is absolutely priceless.

The most memorable experiences Missy and I have had with our dearest friends have been while traveling. We discovered a long time ago that the best way to get to know someone quickly is to take a trip with them. And when it comes to deepening existing friendships and creating lifelong memories with the people you care most about, we’ve found that travel is in a class by itself.

Traveling creates a kind of heightened experience that deepens your social interactions. The dinner conversations you’ll have with friends while watching the sun set over the Serengeti Plain of Tanzania will differ substantially from those you’ll have at your local diner. Wandering with close friends through the narrow alleys of Beijing or Shanghai will be infinitely more memorable than walking down your own block. Haggling with friends in the crowded markets of Cairo will be a more interesting topic for future conversation than visiting your local supermarket. Travel gives you something fun and interesting to talk about for years and years to come. It forges a bond that can’t be duplicated in any other way.

The following excerpt taken from Masters

Can u please explain how using the law of attraction u can attract a better social life~ like popularity and things like that. Also how exactly~ if u could be specific on certain things to do that would be great! thankyou

Yes, you can. You just need to understand the 3 step creative process. It looks simple but maybe not easy to do especially the step 3.

Step 1 – Ask
I want to have a better social life and I’m the most popular person in the school.

Step 2 – Answer
No need to do anything. The universal is doing that for you.

Step 3 – Receive
Visualize you’ve already had a better social life and most popular person in the school. Enjoy and be happy with what you had now.

Completing the all these steps persistently, you will get whatever you want in life.

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