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Sean Ashby

Posted Dec - 2010

Sean Ashby 43, was born and raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. He has gone from being unemployed and sitting on the beach to owning a multimillion-dollar underwear and swimwear manufacturing and retail business called aussieBum.

He created aussieBum from nothing after seeing a gap in the swimwear market. He started out selling swimmers from his car and today the business turns over thousands of orders and millions of dollars a month.

Now living in Sydney’s inner west, his work and social life is hectic, revolving around his dynamic and thriving fashion operation. But for 10 days he will become a Secret Millionaire and leave behind his business, friends, cars, boats and other luxuries to get back to his suburban roots.

Sean travels to Blacktown, 34 km west of Sydney. The area has a large under-25 population and all the associated problems of youth unemployment and crime. For someone who has worked extremely hard to make his fortune, Sean discovers that finding deserving people to give money away to is not as easy as he expects.

He starts his search at the Blacktown Police Citizens Youth Club. While he finds out about a number of support programs it offers young people, he really connects with an unlikely dance troupe.

Then he meets a group called Eagles Wraps, set up by a local couple in response to the problems facing adolescents who struggle to fit in with the traditional education system. Together with their son, they are making a real difference to kids who have run out of schooling options.

Sean next seeks out Tracey Cavanagli, who looks after forgotten animals and has saved countless unwanted pets from being put down. An animal lover himself, Sean is moved by the hard work Tracey is doing off her own bat.

He is also deeply touched when he meets Tanya Holmes and her family who are facing one hurdle after another and dealing with the heartbreak of raising two very young, very sick kids.

Down to earth ‘inspiration‘.

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