Andy Samuels

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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It's all about the Law of Attraction - the tools, what works, mindmovies and visionboards, learning from others, having fun, finding a mentor or coach - all to create a healthy, abundant lifestyle and the mindset to match!

Best Foot Forward

Seven steps to your best year yet John Assaraf shares the keys to goal achievement, in this three-part video series. Although he produced this for 2009 - the steps will always ...

68 Seconds of Pure Thought

Written by Michele Abraham Hicks talks about how when we focus for 68 seconds we connect to powerful energy that multiplies our efforts beyond what we think it could BE… “Those of ...


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5 More Minutes

Secrets To A Successful Life In About Five Short Minutes by rchj98 If you look underneath the surface and really think about each concept you will see that these really are ...

Mindmovie Sabbatical

Have fun today and tomorrow - you deserve to spoil yourself - always!! BuddsWorth Love it - I love all your videos - can't wait to see your next one :) Priyankakishnee This video ...

Mindmovie Beautiful Day

Embrace the beauty of your day with Miss Scarlett's favourite mindmovie...

More MindMovie Affirmations

Attract Everything I am success Inner World

Mindmovie 'I am woman'

Women are determined individuals and we strive to achieve, yes to get what we want! Don't we? Yes we do - we get the keys to the Audi R8 (oh ...

Meditate & Unwind

This is the official video from Sacred Spirit, an effort from Austrian musician Claus Zundel that combines electronic new age music with native American chants. This ...

Who's the Fairest

Sometimes you just have to laugh... Article By W. Bruce Cameron As a world-renowned writer and social commentator, I've often stated that there are some notable ...

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