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Out of thin air

Posted Dec - 2010

Items Materializing from Thin Air by John Wolfe

Wind of the Soul

I answered two email questions recently in Q & A: Law of Attraction & Manifestation, pertaining to my own success with consciously applying the law of attraction and with my own abilities for manifesting. Since answering those questions I’ve had a couple of interesting experiences I’d like to share.

While there doesn’t seem to be anything mystical about finding coins laying on the ground— something a little more intriguing is afoot when they begin actively finding us. I underlined actively because that’s the best way I can describe how two pennies made their presence known to me within the last three weeks.

The first occurred while I was standing at the sink in my kitchen. My mom and I had stopped by my place after running some errands earlier in the day. She was in the living room with her back turned to the kitchen and I had just reached for the towel to dry my hands. While drying them I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, something rolling across the floor on edge (like a wheel) towards me. I then felt and saw it bounce off of my shoe, sort of sputter around and fall flat a few inches from my right foot. I looked down and that’s when I realized it was a penny.

Now, neither one of us made any movement that could have caused the coin to roll in my direction. In fact, my mom was standing perfectly still while I was gently drying my hands on the towel. The towel always hangs loose from an exposed rack and nothing fell from it. I wasn’t carrying any loose change in my pockets at all that day either. The coin rolled towards me from the opposite end of the kitchen. There’s no shelving or items it could have fallen from in that part of the kitchen- only a wall and a closed window. When I first noticed the movement it was at least three or four feet away from me.

If it had fallen off of me or out of the towel it would have dropped down flat and made a sound as it hit the floor. There was no sound whatsoever signaling the penny was being moved or dropped and everything was perfectly silent in the house when it began rolling.

Even if it had dropped or managed to roll from a source on or near me, it would have been leaving my general direction, not coming towards me from several feet away. My mom and I were the only ones in the house and neither of us budged an inch between the time I washed and began drying my hands.

I don’t leave loose change laying around on the kitchen floor, so apparently it not only moved by its own accord, it also either manifested out of nothing or was somehow transported from my room (where I do keep change) to the kitchen, prior to rolling on its edge across the linoleum. My mom witnessed it occurring from her vantage point as well. Although she had her back turned to the kitchen she noticed the penny, from the corner of her eye, rolling behind and past her.

While this event was strange, I didn’t give it a lot of thought until about a week or two later, when the second coin made its appearance. It was a Sunday morning, this time at my parents’ house, and my dad and I were doing some yard work. He had been using a pair of gloves to pick up branches and leaves for the entire hour and a half we were in the yard. There was one last pile to pick up and I borrowed the gloves he was using to finish the clean up. I had already placed a few handfuls of brush into the previously empty trash bag, when I noticed something metallic against my right thumb. I took the glove off carefully and found a penny balancing on the end of my thumb.

Of course, my mind instantly flashed back to the kitchen incident, but I wanted to know what my dad’s experiences were while wearing the gloves before I jumped to any conclusions. After speaking with him, he swore he didn’t feel anything while wearing them nor did he place the coin inside. The gloves are almost brand new (the lining’s not torn) and his hands are larger than mine, so he would have been more aware if something had been “stuck” to the fingertip. He also put them on and took them off several times throughout the morning. If something had been inside them, it would have easily fallen out during these instances.

The most interesting thing about the coin’s appearance was the fact I had been wearing the gloves for several minutes prior to it showing up. I never felt anything sliding up or down inside them during all my hand movements. And I didn’t dip my hand into anything where a penny would have fallen into the gloves either.

In one instance it wasn’t there and in the next it was. All I can recall, when I became aware of it, was the sensation of it “automatically” balancing itself on my thumb. It didn’t feel as if it materialized from within my thumb nor did it feel like it fell against it. It just simply was there.
Since this occurred, I’ve intentionally stuck a penny in many locations within the same glove (including the thumb) and it’s easily felt, immediately after placing my hand inside, each and every time.

Both of these instances separately could be forgotten, but the sheer fact they happened to me within a week or two of one another places more importance on their occurrence. I’ve looked for logical explanations in terms of them being caused by something in my surroundings. However, the likelihood of this being the case is very slim when I take into consideration the circumstances in both events. I wouldn’t even mention these occurrences if they had shown up in the “usual” way we find loose change, but the strange means for their appearance is what intrigues me. If their manifestations are not due to “normal” channels and events and I believe they aren’t, then what could be responsible and why?

I feel these experiences are connected to the deliberate intentions I’ve been setting forth for quite some time. While I’ve mentioned I’m not overly concerned or obsessed with financial gain, I do focus upon abundance in general in all the positive aspects of my life, including finances. I focus upon these ideas and images during meditation, while daydreaming or even when I have stray thoughts. I place strong desirable emotion behind these thoughts and focus. I believe these pennies were signs and signals being triggered from a deeper level of awareness within the field of consciousness.

I don’t think the value of the coins was significant in terms of the amount, but rather it was more symbolic in terms of signifying an upswing in overall financial abundance. I read a post a while back titled: How Intentions Manifest at where Steve discussed the Universe’s ability to give him validating signals he calls Alpha Reflections. When an intention he set forth has been received and taken hold, he encounters a synchronistic experience which is directly related to his recent intentions. I believe my experiences were similar to this but in an extremely mystical way. These pennies were rolled and “handed” to me to indicate my intentions for monetary abundance had been received and taken hold.

Now someone might say, “Well, if that’s the case, then why didn’t the pennies materialize right in front of your eyes or in your hand sans the glove?” I feel they came to me in a way I could accept but also recognize as still being special, so I would understand the deeper meaning behind their appearance. Even though I’m extremely open minded and am constantly, actively working to expand my thoughts and awareness- I probably am still not yet able to see full, instant manifestation in front of my eyes. I may have some ingrained residual limiting concepts preventing this from occurring. These two instances were the most mystical means in which the coins could come into my experience at this point in my life.

Most of our deliberate creations come forth through doors the Universe subtly opens based upon momentum of our thoughts and actions. However, I believe my experiences illustrate our potential for manifesting in an even more obvious mystical, metaphysical manner.

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