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Life Balance

Posted Dec - 2010

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The following is excerpt is from Jerry Lopper

Overcoming Obstacles to Balance

When focused on a barrier to overcome, the person working for better work/life balance is expending energy at a vibration level similar to the barrier. Hicks state that because of the Law of Attraction, whatever a person is focused upon attracts more of the same or similar vibration. In the case of focus on a specific obstacle, one may inadvertently be attracting similar vibration circumstances, which are likely to be more obstacles.

In attracting more roadblocks to better balance, one must continue to work hard attempting to overcome each new barrier, which in turn might be attracting even more. This is why achieving a goal such as a balanced life can be so difficult, seeming as if the Universe is in opposition. It isn’t, the Universe is simply functioning as intended, attracting more of the vibration being expended.

A Balanced Life by Attraction

To ease the path to a balanced life, use the Law of Attraction by following these steps:

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  • Picture the perfectly balanced life. Clearly see details of daily life and how it feels to be balanced.
  • Sense the emotions of life balance, the calm, natural feeling that life is right and good.
  • Mentally capture the vision and feelings of a balanced life and bring these to mind several times each day.
  • When thinking of the goal of life balance, be sure to think of positive details and emotions. Dwelling on lack of balance will have the undesirable consequence of bringing more of the same.
  • Maintain a dedication to feeling positive about life balance prospects as well as other aspects of daily life. Dwelling on events which bring on negative feelings, even if these events have nothing to do with balance, will attract more events of the negative vibration, which will diminish the strength of attraction toward a balanced life.
  • Monitor feelings regularly throughout each day. Feelings are a fail-safe indicator of the type of event being attracted. Positive feelings indicate the current attractive force is well-aligned with desired goals. Negative feelings indicate that attraction is inadvertently directed away from desired goals.
  • When faced with an event bringing on negative feelings, the effective attractor of life balance will quickly move the focus of thinking to something more positive.

Keep Attracting

The Law of Attraction is always operating. So it’s very important that all thoughts, especially those relating to life balance, remain positive. Any predominate thoughts that don’t feel good, such as thinking about how imbalanced life is or complaining about the situations that seem to be causing the problems, can offset the balanced life visualizations, attracting instead more imbalance.

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