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Jay Abraham

Posted Dec - 2010

Jay Abraham speaks at one of T.Harv Eker’s events on strategy and leverage (marketing).

Jay is known for his ability to think “way outside the box.”

Video is in 5 parts and shared by Rich Schfren.

Jay Abraham – Part I
Talks about a grounding philosophy that he lives by: “Strategy of Pre-eminance.”

Jay Abraham – Part 2

Everything you do is about solving a problem for somebody or achieving an opportunity – when you get clear on that you will own the world.  The key to knowing that is ‘why.’

Jay Abraham – Part 3

Discusses the 3 primary ways to grow a business and shares the key concept of optimization: “Committing to get the highest and best use – the maximum (not the minimum) result of everything you do, including the maximum ethical, leverage you can out of the process” – Jay discusses further the elements you need to do it.

Jay Abraham – Part 4

Live hot seat coaching with business owner.

Jay Abraham – Part 5

Q&A – testing the market – start where you are and if it looks encouraging then revalidate.

“If you reach for the moon and the stars you won’t end up with a handful of mud” – Leo Burnett

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