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Food Stamps to $16.2M

Posted Dec - 2010

From $16.2 million To Living On Food Stamps In 12 Months

by David Schirmer Group

Broke Business Man

So far I have shared about the spiritual side of money.  We will get on to some strategies for building wealth soon.

In fact, I will give you a step-by-step process of how to make money and create financial abundance regardless of your present circumstance, age, country, race, colour, situation, skill, education or ability. However, the reason I have spent time on the non-physical aspect of money is because it is the root cause of poverty and lack in people’s lives.

You cannot have abundance and prosperity while you think or focus on lack.  Even if you are given or win a large amount of money, you will dispose of it rapidly down to your own self-image of what you believe you are worth.

Some say that 96% of all lotto winners are worst off within five years than before they won the money.  I don’t know the exact statistics but I do know it is extremely high.  I have spoken to at least three people who have won over a million dollars and each one said that it made their life a mess and they wished they had never won!

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