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Money Hypnosis

Posted on Dec - 2010

Need some cash? Learn how to access the universal bank account and command the money that is already yours. Follow the visualization while watching beautiful Colorado nature scenes or just close your eyes and create your own visual in your mind. Created by Internationally-recognized Hypnotherapy Expert, Debra Berndt.

Food Stamps to $16.2M

Posted on Dec - 2010

From $16.2 million To Living On Food Stamps In 12 Months by David Schirmer Group So far I have shared about the spiritual side of money.  We will get on to some strategies for building wealth soon. In fact, I will give you a step-by-step process of how to make money and create financial abundance  [ Read More ]

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Millionaire Game

Posted on Dec - 2010

Increase your attraction to money Picture this… It’s nine o’clock in the morning. You are online checking your bank account and have mysteriously found a deposit of one thousand dollars! You begin to wonder where this money came from. Suddenly, you feel nervous, as if someone is trying to defraud you. Take a second to  [ Read More ]

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Eliminate Debt

Posted on Dec - 2010

How to Stop Attracting Debt, Forever Article by Steve Are you looking for practical tools to eliminate debt?  Practical tools that will help create a new and powerful mindset, the abundance mindset?  You’re in the right place.  Here is an exercise that will set you up as a vibratory magnet for money, regardless of where  [ Read More ]

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Money Personality Type

Posted on Dec - 2010

How much money do you want to have? What do you want your income to be like? Income from multiple sources? Money Personality Types Which category do you fall in to? Excerpts all taken from Money Harmony: Resolving Money Conflicts In Your Life and Relationships …explores the following areas: why people are irrational about money;  [ Read More ]

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