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Millionaire Game

Posted Dec - 2010

Increase your attraction to money

Picture this… It’s nine o’clock in the morning. You are online checking your bank account and have mysteriously found a deposit of one thousand dollars! You begin to wonder where this money came from. Suddenly, you feel nervous, as if someone is trying to defraud you. Take a second to slow down. What you saw was a virtual bank deposit from the Unlimited Universal Bank.

You now take a deep breath and sigh in relief knowing no one is trying to hurt you. Your feelings change from fear to hope. You begin to anticipate the next deposit from the bank of prosperity and abundance.

You are excited about how you are going to spend all of this money! Your mind starts having fun thinking about things to start purchasing like the cute pair of boots you saw on sale yesterday, or a weekend spa getaway package. Imagine anything and everything you can buy. You know there’s no need to worry about saving it because there will be more in a few days! Sounds delicious, right?

Wake up! You were just dreaming about what the Unlimited Universal Bank game is all about!

This marvelous game has been created as an awakener and expander to your comfort zone around money.

Unlimited Universal Bank Game by Megan Jenifer

One the biggest issues that people have in getting their mind open to wealth, is the unconscious belief that money is wrong or they don’t deserve wealth or even that someone else is missing out.

All that programming throughout a lifetime can create major barriers to living your dreams. Act now and clear your debts and make sure you and yours lack for nothing? The Midas Method Millionaire Toolkit can teach you how Click Here!

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