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“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Winning the house of her dreams

Over the years, Helene has won so many prizes in contests, from refrigerators to trips to Europe. But one of the most incredible wins, according to Helene, was the brand new dream home she won at the World’s Fair. She was randomly picked from 2 million entries.

Helene’s story is amazing. Actually, it’s pretty darn unbelievable. BUT IT’S TRUE. The Law of Attraction is on everyone’s lips these days. Does it work? Is it real? Well, I think Helene’s story proves there is definitely something to it.

She’s even come up with her own four-step ‘winning’ formula called SPEC: 1) Select It; 2) Project It; 3) Expect It; and 4) Collect It.

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The Name It and Claim It Game

The truly successful person is the positive thinking one. The more you cultivate and control a positive attitude, the more successful you become. As you develop positive thinking, success replaces failure, until you no longer can fail. No matter your past or present, you can change your future. Everyone has a different idea of what success is. To some, being successful in their love pursuits is the ultimate goal; some seek health and body-building programs; while others want fame and fortune; and then there are those who need huge homes, cars, and money as a determining factor.

Unfortunately, some don’t know what they want. They scatter their desires into so many avenues that they never really accumulate enough energy to make anything manifest for them. They run hot and cold, up and down, in and out of projects, never really stopping long enough to analyze why they are not successful.

They never fully accept the idea that, with a positive attitude and control, they can actually materialize anything they need or want on the physical plane.

The following personal experiences which I’ll share with you, are not to tell you how great I am… but to clue you in on how great you are. There not a saying that tells you so: “All these things that I do, you can do, and more.”

A number of years ago, my idea of success was to be able to enter contests and win, win, win. . . anything and everything that one could possess in this material world. I developed a desire, a goal, and a determination. I had read a book on positive thinking, and it left an indelible impression. So I was out to prove to myself that anything the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve with positive thinking.

STEP No. 1 – Set a goal

If you know what you want, you can have it. I must make one think clear in regard to entering contests, since there are sometimes misconceptions as to why and how one wins. I had no background, such as a writing talent, nor had I taken any writing courses at that time. I did not know any people who worked for judging firms. In other words, I had no “pull.”

My first experiment began when my husband expressed a desire to own an outboard motor, since he enjoyed fishing. He called my attention to a contest sponsored by a soft drink firm: the prizes were outboard motors. The requirement was to complete a sentence, in twenty-five words or less, stating why you like to take “Coke” on your outings. My one entry was this:”/ take Cokes on outings because I’m a lone-wolf fisherman, and Coke is my silent partner. It contributes no yakaty-yak, only cool, refreshing enjoyment when called upon.”

I came upon this idea when I imagined my husband, so I naturally wrote from his viewpoint. He certainly did like to go fishing by his lonesome; that is, until the two boys were old enough to enjoy fishing trips with him. Three weeks after the contest closed, the phone rang, and a company representative informed us that we had indeed won an outboard motor! I confess, that prior to the announcement stating that I had won, every time the thought crossed my mind about the contest or the motor, I “convinced” myself again and again that I would win. I was so determined to be positive, I even asked myself, “I wonder when they will let us know that we have won.” I had no negative doubts, such as “I’ll bet the contest is rigged.” (I’d heard that one quite often.) Nor did I entertain the thought that I wasn’t lucky, or that only clever people win. (Now how does one acquire cleverness? Why, one works at it.) So you see, I refused to entertain any negative doubts.

STEP No. 2 – Never entertain doubts.

This nullifies all good, strong, powerful, positive currents. The second contest I entered was a jingle-type, where one had to complete a last line. The prize was a second telephone installed in your home with the bills paid for a year. I thought about how convenient it would be if I could have a phone installed in the kitchen, since I spent most of my time in that part of the house. When I sent off my three entries, I used the same positive thinking I had applied to my “motor win.” I knew I would be a winner, and again I questioned how long it would take the company to inform me. It took five weeks after the contest closed before I received the letter telling me I was a winner. I had no way of knowing which entry actually won.

In the meantime, we decided to move into a larger home, and moved from Grand Prairie to Irving, Texas. The company that sponsored the telephone contest was kind enough to send a check, in lieu of the phone service for a year. By now the family was quite impressed with mother, who had made two attempts at entering contests, and won both. In the next efforts to win contests, the family joined in.

There are 128 pages to Helene’s book – I found it very interesting.

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