Andy Samuels

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Don’t stop at ‘Maybe’

Have you ever heard the saying that successful people make decisions quickly?

The same goes for wealthy people, they make a yes or no decision, and then move forward based on the decision that they make.

One of the most common blockages to manifesting wealth is procrastination. We umm and awww over what is the right thing to do, maybe we are not following the right road, or maybe we should be doing something completely different.

Another common blockage is when you have been practicing manifestation techniques for some time, but have not yet seen any results.

Some people get disheartened, thinking that maybe it is not working, and so they give up on their goals.

This is not the way to successfully manifest wealth. Manifesting wealth is a journey. You have to be positive about what you want to achieve on that journey, and never have any doubt that you will be able to get there.

No matter what your desires are, whether it is to have one million dollars, own a multi-million dollar company, or simply to be free of all debt, focus on what you want to achieve and know that you are going to get it.

Every day when you wake up, think about your goal and how great you are going to feel when you achieve it, be grateful for your journey so far and all the good things that are in your life.

When opportunities present themselves to help you reach your goal – go for it! Don’t waste a moment in maybe!

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