Andy Samuels

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

100 summaries of profound wisdom, read one a day for one hundred days.

Why PhilosophersNotes?
Think mini CliffsNotes for personal growth books – giving you more wisdom in less time.

Ask yourself: Where is my life now – Were do I want to be.

Without sounding like a sales person, because it really is up to you to help yourself achieve the best from your life now and to learn how to achieve any and all of your grand visions for the future – then you can either buy the book from amazon or get a sweet deal from Vishen Lakhiani on John Assaraf’s successmanifestors

Listen to Vishen Lakhiani on growing from a young skinny, short kid, his face covered in pimples and wearing glasses that thick because he was legally blind to being in a perfect state of health, having all the money he could possibly need, all the food that he could possibly need and at only 34 years of age.

In the audio, Vishen talks about “what is it that is going on in my life that makes everything work out so well”
“bliss-cipline” “daily rituals” “Philosophers Notes” “Richard Branson” “The Secret.”

And what 12 things you need to do – to create your future – successfully.

Look for yourself and see what Vishen is giving away on John’s site – package includes DVDs, CDs, Journals, Philosophers Notes and more books.

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