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“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

NEARLY nine out of 10 Australians are feeling stressed and most blame work for the way they feel, a 2009 poll shows.

Women were more likely to be stressed than men, the poll found.

So too, were people who lived in big cities compared to their country counterparts, except when it came to relationships.

Single people were more likely to be stressed than couples and the more people earned the more stressed they felt.

Lifeline Australia CEO Dawn O’Neil said too many Australians were feeling the pinch.

“We know that small amounts of stress can sometimes help us but … we are no longer just feeling a little bit of stress,” she said.

Registered Nurse of Emergency Dept

I completely agree. I am a nurse in the public health system and since winter hit, and everyone is scared about swine flu, our patient numbers have just about doubled, but our staff and our budget hasn’t, so we’re bursting at the seams. There have been some shifts where I have had 20 people waiting for triage as I can’t keep up and in the mean time, I have had people call the hospital switchboard to be put through to my phone to complain about the waiting times!! No wonder I drink.

Leo of Melbourne

Work life balance is important. Five years ago I was unhappy in my position & not coping – the only thing I could do quickly was to drop my hours, which I did, from 5 days to 4 days a week – with every Friday off. I’m now in a different position & much happier, I wouldnt have thought five years ago I would still be part time but it’s honestly the best thing I have ever done. I budget & even though it takes me longer to save for things I wouldnt have it any other way!


Better to live one day like a lion than a hundred years like a sheep.

Inner World Mind Movie

The art of rapid manifesting by tortue

Learn how you can easily manifest your abundance and the life your deserve. There is no secret just simple steps to follow, achieving prosperity and abundance is simpler than you may think.

I had my first experience of manifesting a few years ago, after I read a book called Telepsychics: The Magic Power of Perfect Living by Joseph Murphy, the author claimed that, If I entered a deep state of relaxation and I pictured what I wanted with clear intent and great exception, it will manifest, I just had to let it go after I did the manifesting process.

When I finished the book, I decided to gave it a try, at night before falling asleep I pictured a sum of $125 on my bank account, at that time I was a 17 years old student with small money, $125 was huge for me. I pictured the sum with laser like clarity, I added great feeling of joy soon after, I let it go and felt asleep. The day after, I had completely forgotten about what I did but for some reasons I was attracted to check my bank account statut. At my biggest surprise, I saw an added amount of $150 . At this instant, I remembered of what I did the last night, the technique works, It was fantastic from then I knew, I will never ever to struggle financially If I follow the principle in the book known as the law of attraction. I never knew where this $150 where from and it doesn’t matter. With this extra money I bought other books on the topics of manifesting, I became very knowledgeable on the topic. All books put emphasis on the fact that, we always get more and It was true for me, I got $150 instead of $125.

One time, I was reading an article in a computer magazine about a Toshiba Laptop a high end model. I imagined myself using and having it, enjoying working with this great quality computer after this, I completely forgot about my reading and my day dreaming with the laptop. 4 days later, I had the visit of my aunt, she said she received a laptop and had no need for it, so she told me I can keep it until she need it. It was a Toshiba laptop not the model from the magazine but it was a good one nonetheless. I was then able to make the connection between my reading and the receiving of this laptop. This story doesn’t end here another couple of day, my uncle this time also offered me a laptop he said, he had no need for it and I can keep, it was a Toshiba high end model. I was once again more than surprise I got 2 laptops . Always more than excepted.

Since then, I have manifested so many things and far bigger things than that. I have always followed the same process.

1 / A deep state of relaxation, now I know the state I was is called theta. Nowadays, I able to reach it easily. A way to reach theta is to use music of binaural beat. I will provide a list of CD you can use to reach theta.

2/ Visualization of what I want with clear clarity and intent of purpose.

3/ Let it go, detachment is essential part of the success, forgetting about the process is important, doubt, worries will defeat the process.

Tortue talks more about manifesting bigger things, you can visit the site to here

Personally, I find that time alone to meditate ie. make a mindmovie, read affirmations, work on my visionboard, or having fun with the family helps to rebalance things.

It also gives me time to rethink events and try seeing a different perspective and to decide how I want to move forward with the information I have gleaned/learned/experienced.

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