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“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

I can manifest thousands and thousands of dollars

Friday story….


So, I have been in a bit of a cycle of manifesting financial crisis. It has seemed like one thing after another that I didn’t anticipate has reared it’s ugly head at me. Started small, and as I gave those small things my attention, they got bigger.

So, unexpected bills of a few dollars, turned into unexpected bills of a few hundred dollars. Then last Friday I received an unexpected bill of a few thousand dollars for my business. This bill was a do or die bill that had to be paid by tomorrow. When I received it I had complete despair. I had NO idea where I would get that kind of money and with my business on the line I felt overwhelming panic. However, I suppose the U had to snap me out of my negative creation funk somehow.

So, with that kind of kick in the butt, as quickly as possible let go of the oars and starting up the ladder. I spent the whole weekend doing NOTHING about my problem. I sat in my recliner, by a fire, with all three of my pugs loving me into a peaceful place almost all weekend. On Monday I came to work peacefully and placed my order with the Universe that I wanted to be able to pay that bill early. For the most part felt completely confident things would be fine.

Sooooo, today is Thursday, and I have all the money I need – thousands, to pay that bill~one full day early! It didn’t all come from one place. The U opened up lots and lots of doors that money flowed through to me. So many of us talk about manifesting money. My experience this week proves to me one thing. I am a powerful manifestor. I can manifest lack, crisis, and chaos. Just as easily, maybe even more so, I can manifest thousands and thousands of dollars.

Money isn’t everything, but when you don’t have it, it feels that way. My intention is to keep that flow open and stay far away from the chaos river of class five rapids. I am flow, flowing gently down the stream, because I can!!!

Lisa H.

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