Andy Samuels

“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Finding My Way

The first month I spent trolling around on the internet reading anything and everything. It was quite exhausting and exhiliarating at the same time. It felt like I had finally met my true self.

Although there is alot of information and stories out there, I found it made me more confused, although the steps appeared to be quite simple I just couldn’t quite grasp the little things to do in between the steps given: ask, receive, believe. I listened to anything Bob Proctor had on youtube and joined up to his website.

At this point in time, my husband thought I had joined some religious sect and literally had gone mad. Quite frankly, he said I didn’t know what to think. Although a good man and usually open to good things, no matter how hard I tried or how conniving I tried to be (not good at that part) – he would not watch the ‘secret dvd’ nor even pick up the book. That frustrated me to no end – but I had to let it go. I found it hard because I wanted to share so much of what I had learned and really wanted him to be part of the journey. That in itself can block a great deal.

But all is well and ends well – one morning in early January I was going through some of the Bob Proctor audios and mentioned to hubby about some of the teachers, people on his site and low and behold he recognised some of the names that he in fact had studied when he was in martial arts. Hooley dooley – although I still believe a little maddness gets you everywhere – he came aboard, not in the whole hearted serenade but from that day he was receptive to my tales and music but still hasn’t read or watched the secret. Although he does come willingly to the pc when I find some wonderful article or youtube LOA movie.

My journey led me to Abraham Hicks, omg, what a woman. Needless to say I devoured all of her goodies and enjoy her website enormously. One of my goals is to have a library of books by Abraham. I found this site to listen to Abrahams recordings one of the best ‘Happy on the way’ – enjoy.

So many wonderful words of advice out there, for now I leave you with something from Peggy McColl.
“If there is something you desire, follow these 3 simple steps.

#1. Decide what you want.
#2. Decide what it will “feel” like when you have it (which involves the emotions of faith and relaxation); and
#3. Go straight to feeling those emotions – and practice them on a consistent basis. And, when you do, you’ll be amazed at the power of your own creative ability.”

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