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“Well-behaved women rarely make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Law of Attraction – Beginning My Journey

My journey began in Dec 2009 when I took a break from work.

I wanted to buy the book ‘the secret’ and through sharing with a work colleague, it so happened that he had the dvds. Probably the last person I would’ve expected to think about the LOA.

Needless to say I was truly delighted to borrow them and straight away ordered the book.

I found the dvds very inspiring – but I had questions, and lots of them, so how to find the answers? I’m the sort of person that likes a direct approach – nothing airy fairy and found some sites frustrating and others very informative – that is they explained things in simple terms with examples.

I read and studied the ‘secret’ book and then started a search on the internet, hungry for stories of success, testimonials, real life stories of how people actually started their journey. I have amassed some great stories, links to sites and a library of free ebooks. And along the way have tried some of the methods. I can best align them to a shoe store – every shoe is different and some I have discarded and some tried and am still trying. Don’t worry I’ll be passing on those shoes for you to try as well.

One of my goals was and is now developing my own website, to share all this with anyone who shares the same passion. And along the way share some really funny things that have happened.

Mooi Moi (my original blog) was inspired by my beautiful grand-daughter – the ‘moi’ is the sound she makes when blowing me kisses. And everytime I find something amazing it will be sent floating on one of those special baby kisses to you. ‘Moi’

Moi Bubba

So today this is the first page of my journey to success and believe me it has been filled with many highs and lows – but I won’t jump ahead too fast because I have so much to tell.

8 January 2011 and look where we are – AndySamuels 🙂

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