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83 Year Old Winning Sage

Posted Dec - 2010

83 Year-Old “Winning Sage”  Helene Hadsell, finally Comes out of retirement to unveil her “4-Step Secret”  that has helped her win countless cash prizes, over 5 trips to Europe,  a luxury home, and every contest she has entered.

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The following are excerpts from Helene’s book “The Name It and Claim It Game.”

“The truly successful person is the positive thinking one. The more you cultivate and control a positive attitude, the more successful you become.  As you develop positive thinking, success replaces failure, until you no longer can fail.

No matter your past or present, you can change your future. Everyone has a different idea of what success is. To some, being successful in their love pursuits is the ultimate goal; some seek health and body-building programs; while others want fame and fortune; and then there are those who need huge homes, cars, and money as a determining factor.”

“STEP NUMBER 1. Set a goal. If you know what you want, you can have it.

STEP NUMBER 2. Never entertain doubts. This nullifies all good, strong, powerful, positive currents.

STEP NUMBER 3. You can con yourself into anything, by repeating it over and over again, until you incorporate it into your thinking. That is the way it is. Sometimes it takes longer, but I have found it is a very effective, surefire method, once you incorporate it into your conscious-thinking program.

What is your pleasure? Don’t just sit there.

  • Select It (know what you want)
  • Project It (see it as already happened)
  • Expect It (believe it is already yours)
  • and then Collect It.

The following is written by Sandy Jorgensen

“And even the wind held its breath, wondering which direction the wish would land. No outside voices were allowed until the arrow hit its target, making all night fairies sing or cry, depending on the wish.” Sandy J.

There is a law that states, what goes around, comes around and carries with it a warning, “be careful what you wish for”. If you look at the things in your life, it will come as no surprise that chances are, you spoke it first. I had the pleasure of listening to Helene Hadsell speak on Conscious Living about this exact thing. She’s the woman who has won every contest she’s entered, even a house!

How do you make it happen? Set a clear intention, speak the words and wait for the will of Heaven. I wish someone would have told me this back in the day. The day when an entire summer passed and I teased Paul who was going to be a freshman in high school that I was coming on enrollment day with no front teeth to embarrass him. The words had been spoken, set into motion and sure enough it happened! I broke my front tooth the day before enrollment. My dentist was booked and I had no choice but to pay for book fees without my tooth. I had tried to make a fake tooth with my clay but the nerve was exposed which made it painful to the touch. Ironically, I had also said how I wished my front side tooth was straight for a meeting with someone that month. It had gotten crooked because of wisdom teeth. Well, the dentist replaced the tooth, perfect and straight. Wish granted. Our words are like arrows and will hit their mark better if we name it and claim it without hesitation.

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