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68 Seconds of Pure Thought

Posted Dec - 2010

Written by Michele

Abraham Hicks talks about how when we focus for 68 seconds we connect to powerful energy that multiplies our efforts beyond what we think it could BE…

Those of you who are familiar with the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, have heard them talk about the power of 68 seconds of Pure Thought. According to Abraham, a thought that is held for 17 seconds of undiluted focus – that means, without contradiction – reaches a powerful point of charge, so that it will attract an equivalent thought, and increase its power exponentially. After another 17 seconds, that is 34 seconds, the next thought reaches an even higher level of energy. The charge increases in increments of 17 seconds, reaching the 51 seconds mark, and eventually, at 68 seconds the final thought is so powerful that it will produce actual manifestation.”

A little over a minute of pure focus is what we need to reach a point where almost no action is required.
17 seconds is the equivalent of 2,000 action hours (1 year/workweek)
34 seconds is the equivalent of 20,000 action hours (10 years)
51 seconds is the equivalent of 200,000 action hours (100 years)
68 seconds is the equivalent of 2,000,000 action hours (1000 years)

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