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$5,000 by 5PM

Posted Dec - 2010

Are you the one attracting all of those pennies?

$5,000 by 5PM

Hello All!

Just wanted to share some great stuff with everyone! We had 2 really awesome things happen recently.

This past week, my husband manifested a new job with better hours, better pay and in an industry he really enjoys. His first day is tomorrow. He’s really looking forward to learning and growing with this job. I talked with the owner on Thursday and he seems like a really nice guy.

Friday morning, I was “playing around” with my affirmations and visualizations and I off-handedly stated that I wished to have $5,000 by 5pm. When my husband got home shortly after 4pm, he brought in the mail and in it was a check for $4,960!!

One that we totally were not expecting, completely out of the blue.

Then about half an hour later, my mom calls and asks if we’d like to go to dinner with her because she has a $50 gift certificate for a restaurant that her neighbor gave her and she doesn’t think she can use it all herself. So, dinner was just about $40 for all of us (it’s a pizza place) — I think we got the $5,000 even though part of it came as dinner.

That really blew me away!

We had a great evening and a wonderful weekend! I hope you all did too! Here’s to an awesome week! 😉



Blue Feathers, Butterflies…why not $100 Bucks?

I was practicing my 17 second focus (usually I’ve been doing blue feathers, butterflies, etc.) and I thought – why not just manifest a hundred dollars? So I focused for 17 seconds on $100 unexpectedly coming my way. 4 days later (my manifestions around the 17 seconds seem to take around 4 days, which I find interesting)- a check arrived in the mail from my fiance’s parent’s friends for us for $100 as a wedding present. Thank you universe! I’ll have more of that, please. ~~Jenny T.

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